Jake Rasmussen
Frontend Developer
Fullstack Engineer

About Me

Thanks for checking out my portfolio site!

I'm from a small town right outside of Philadelphia, and now am in Baltimore studying Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. From a very young age, I've always had a fascination with technology. I loved playing around with the Raspberry Pi, and I found a passion for coding through exploring Game Development with the Unity Game Engine. It didn't take me long to realize that I wanted to pursue Computer Science in the future, and I've always kept myself busy with multifaceted projects.

These days, I contribute to a lot of different projects, both through school and freelance work. I'm always eager to become more involved, so if you're ever interested in a project please feel free to reach out to me via the contact form. Thank you again for checking out my website!

My Projects

I love to code, and have taken on a wide range of projects over the years.

Whiz Kids Baseball

Worked with a partner to develop a website for a travel baseball organization based out of Philadelphia.

TailwindCSS with React and Typescript

Gained proficiency with using a combination of TailwindCSS with React and Typescript to create stylized components and pages

Comfortability with NextJS

Our website is built upon NextJS to increase the site's SEO, and help better the website's efficiency as a whole

Managing Databases with tRPC

Throughout the project, gained experience with managing a PostGres database by using tRPC to build out the API

Split.it Rideshare App

Developed the mobile version of the ridesharing app, Split.it. Worked collaboratively with a team of 8 fellow Johns Hopkins students.

Gained Proficiency with Swift and Xcode

Throughout the project, I've solidifed my Swift skills, and gained comfortability working in the Xcode IDE

Comfortability with Developing in a Mobile Format

Worked on making a native mobile app, which involved a lot of new styling features and procedures to develop the UI

Push Notification Capable

Helped developed a system to allow the App to be Push Notification Capable, so that the user could be notified for an upcoming ride

The Delineo Project

Worked on a Johns Hopkins research project tasked with simulating infectious diseases and various mandates to try to reduce transmission.

Unity Game Engine

Developed an AI to simulate the spread of infectious disease, numerous UI changes to enhance user experience, and modeled the enviornment

Experience with Blender

Created new models, targeted towards making the simulation run more smoothly while creating an interesting atmosphere for the user

Large Team Project

The project involved working with many different teams, which involved correspondence with teams transcending my Unity team

Let's Get In Touch!

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(610) 316-7252